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At Phillips Race Prep, we don't just repair, rebuild or upgrade Spec Miatas, Solo, Showroom Stock and Street Cars. We drive them; we race them; we test them. We know what works and what doesn't. We pledge to put that knowledge and experience to work for you.


With Phillips Race Prep, you won’t receive a lot of hype about cool new gadgets we want to sell you or money we want you to spend. Simply put, we provide you with only track-proven products at reasonable and competitive prices.


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John Phillips III

Spec Miata
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Spec Miata
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Race Car Rentals: We have several Spec Miatas for rent for SCCA, NASA, Driver's Education, etc. events. These are top-notch cars, prepared by us, capable of winning your race. Arrive & Drive & have a good time.
Full Race Shop: We have everything we need on site to complete a basic prep up to a fully built race car
General Repairs: Auto diagnoses and repairs for all your automotive needs - Road Racing, Solo II, Street Cars
Racecar Prep: Professional racecar preparation and maintenance
On-track Support: Transport car to the track, provide radio and timing support, maintain car between sessions, assistance in and out of the car, after race session consultation, etc.
Driving Instruction: John Phillips III will provide on-track driving coaching and instruction — in the car with you and /or on your radios. He will help you make the most of your driving seat-time. His track side support team will be there for you.
Miata Specialist: We have Miatas available, or you may bring us your Miata, for a metamorphosis you will love.